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Sara Carboni - Creative Director

Each event is the fulfillment of a dream. Every dream is unique. Sara designs yours meticulously, listening to your needs, requests and vision, making true something you could just imagine.

The reality I am leaving is made of your dreams coming true.


Gathering your essence made of style, interests, and personality, and portraying it in unique and authentic experiences, where the details will be the reflection of your aesthetic and your distinctive vision of life.

Key to Success

Our key to success is empathy, the very deep understanding we create and nurture with our clients. Romantic and dreamy by nature, she lives the fulfillment of the event as the making true of a dream. She lives and portraits those of her customers with the same joy and care she pours into hers. She tends to every details in an impeccable way, creating a perfect symphony of colors and feelings that nourish the soul, fill the eyes exceeding her customers’ expectations every time.


We are inspired by the spectacular landscapes that surround us, the hospitality of pure and welcoming lands, Italian style, and excellent handmade creations.

We are both fortunate to have…

and finally by the created and artistic environment we both experienced since when we were young.

Only great listeners can create immersive experiences that tell a story.
Your unique, personal story!

As experienced destination wedding planners, our promise is to plan every single detail on behalf of you at each stage and just like you would do in the desired professional way.

Whether it’s just for the two of you for a quiet ceremony, or a week-long celebration with 200 guests, we will recommend the best locations, venues, vendors, and activities to meet your desires and make your dream come true. We take on all of the dirty work  – negotiating with vendors and managing payments, legal requirements, and paperwork on your behalf – so you can focus on enjoying your celebration.